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7 reasons Huntley, Illinois deserves a spot on your bucket list.

Reason #1 - Sting Ray Bay swimming pool is just 2 miles from Harmony Inn and offers amazing summer activities for all ages.  We love swimming here for so many reasons.  The waterslides are well maintained and never very busy.  You can use the slides until you are exhausted.  The lap lanes are Olympic size and wonderful for those who need to get in their daily swim.  The diving boards are well supervised and offer just the right amount of challenge for lots of fun.  Just watching the divers is great entertainment.  For the little ones, there is a zero-depth area with many water features.  Just try to walk through without getting splashed.

Reason #2 - The Illinois Railway Museum is a long-time sight to see but in recent years they have really vitalized their programming.

Reason #3 - Great Local Fun

Reason #4 - Glider Flight Airport in Hampshire Illinois is a great local place to visit.  Many visitors do not hear about this opportunity.  Glider flights are limited to days with amenable weather conditions.  However, the pilots are fully trained commercial pilots who just want to volunteer on their day off.  At times guests who fly can even take part in controlling the glider.  Flights can vary in length depending on the conditions and the wishes of the guest who is flying.  My flight was about 20 minutes long, but I preferred a shorter time in the air.  This glider airport is just a 5-minute drive from Harmony Inn.  While your party is taking turns flying, you can enjoy lounging on the grassy field.  You may wish to bring a picnic along.  

Reason #5 - Fantastic Wedding Venues 

Reason #6 - Day Trips to Chicago's City Life

Reason #7 - Foodie Paradise, Brewery Too!

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