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Wedding Venues

See below to visit some beautiful wedding venues near Harmony Inn, Huntley Illinois.
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Lincoln Farmstead

Located about 4 miles from Harmony Inn, many guests have booked with us to attend weddings at the Lincoln Farmstead. This is a historical Huntley Farm renovated to be a beautiful wedding venue. This venue is open seasonally. We have enjoyed watching from a distance as this farm has been saved from the usual demolition that most farms in our area have had happen. The farm is located on Route 47 between Huntley and Woodstock, Illinois. It sits on top of a small hill enabling you to have an amazing view of the area. Previously this farm was used by a tree service business. Of course, originally it was a dairy barn. The ground floor was used to milk dairy cows. The large area above it was used to house the hay and feed needed to care for the dairy cows. Most of the dairy farms in McHenry County have been replaced with urban housing, shopping and businesses. It is interesting to notice that the barn bridge has been preserved as a direct route for guests to the reception area in the former hay mow. Originally, this barn bridge was used to pull loads of haybales close enough to be unloaded by hand onto elevators for stacking. The hay bales would be stacked to the top of the barn. The cows needed this much hay to carry them through the winter until pastures were once again available in the spring. This wedding venue is a unique and interesting location with all of the modern amenities for a wonderful event.

Pinecrest Golf Club

Pinecrest offers weeding coordination services. It is a perfect setting for a wedding ceremony and celebration. They can accommodate up to 200 guests. there are amazing golf course views. They offer a bridal suite, event set up, amazing food options, a dance floor, Visit their website for full details.
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